Facial Treatments

Signature Treatment #1
Four-Layer Facial  -  60 minutes. $125

This unique anti-aging treatment was designed to re-hydrate, remineralize and re-balance the skin. It firms up the facial contours, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and leaves the skin with a radiance that lasts for days.

Signature Treatment #2
5 Phase Firming Facial  -  65 minutes $150

Provides an instant trigger to younger looking skin. Specifically designed to invigorate, lift and firm mature skin. An Enzymatic Micropeel helps uncover a vibrant complexion. Tow massages and a cool Spirulina Mask with clinically proven bio-mimetic Pentapeptide firm and smooth the skin. Then the skin is treated with Vita Cura Opti Lift Serum for immediate and visible results. Long term benefits to preserve elasticity, improve oxygenation and help prompt cell renewal.

24 Karat Gold Facial ~ 60 minutes. $90

This ultimate 24 Karat Gold facial experience is all about luxury, relaxation, total stress relief and radiant skin! This amazingly decadent facial includes face, neck, decollete and upper back massage, including a hand massage.
Acne Skin Perfecting Facial ~ 60 minutes. $90

This facial is scientifically formulated with many of nature's most healing ingredients. It effectively deals with intense skin care problems by helping to control bacteria and prevent inflammation, while calming and soothing irritated skin.
Rosacea Facial ~ 60 minutes. $90

Treat your skin to all of the benefits that Green Tea, French Rose and Licorice have to offer. This facial will soothe the skin, ease blotchiness and reduce redness. It is recommended for all types of hypersensitive skin conditions, specifically Couperose, Erythrose, Rosacea or Acne Rosacea.
Deep Cleaning Facial ~ 60 minutes. $80

This facial is customized and specifically formulated to repair and restore your skin. Indulge yourself beginning with a deep pore cleansing, exfoliation and steaming. Next your face, neck and decollete will be soothed and massaged. A soothing mask is applied, leaving your skin feeling revitalized. This treatment is beneficial for all skin types.
Caviar Facial ~ 60 minutes. $150

The ultimate anti-aging treatment containing the latest Phyto-extract: a vegetable botoxine proven to visibly smooth wrinkles. The caviar patch incorporates the latest cosmetic technology enhanced with precious pearl extract. This treatment provides phenomenal results by firmly tightening and visibly rejuvenating your skin. A luxurious unsurpassed treatment that must be experienced firsthand.
Microdermabrasion with Facial & LED Treatment Facial ~ 75 minutes. $160

The gentle abrasion of the crystals removes the dead outer layer of skin while bringing the smoother, softer under layer of skin to the surface. Followed by our deep cleansing facial to truly give your skin that added glow.
Hypersensitive Facial ~ 60 minutes. $80

This facial is for clients with the most sensitive skin. All of the products used are fragrance free and beneficial for reactive skin types.
Anti-Free Radical Treatment ~ 60 minutes. $90

Enjoy this unique mask, delightfully scented with Lavender & Mint. It gradually becomes soothingly warm, and then cools to a refreshing chill. This change of temperature serves to increase the absorbency of all active ingredients, while Micronized Vitamins work as anti-free radicals. This mask provides the skin with a tighter, more radiant and rejuvenated appearance.
Luminous Sea & "C" Facial ~ 60 minutes. $90

A potent concentration of stabilized Vitamin C with the latest high-tech formulation of pure, freeze-dried seaweed. This mask reduces fine lines, strengthens skin's elasticity, counteracts photo-aging, and restores a youthful appearance, rendering skin luminous!
Seaweed Facial ~ 60 minutes. $85

A real anti-aging facial, it aids in moisturizing, mineralizing, stimulating and regenerating the skin. It also helps to prevent skin slackening and wrinkles.
Eye Contour Treatment ~ 30 minutes. $45

This intensive eye contour treatment helps to fight wrinkles, smooth crepeness, strengthen and firm the eye lids. It also aids in blood circulation around the eyes, therefore alleviating dark circles and eases stress and fatigue.
Lightening Treatment Facial ~ 60 minutes. $90

This effective lightening treatment is the only professional service that helps hyperpigmentation conditions from within the skin. It helps to eliminate hyperpigmentation resulting from sun damage, age spots, pregnancy or dry, mature skin conditions.
Hyaluronic Acid Facial ~ 60 minutes. $90

Hyaluronic Acid is one of the most important constituents of the skin, making it by far one of the most effective natural ingredients used in skin care. You will see and feel immediate results; redness and sensitivity will be decreased and your skin will become moisturized, softened and hydrated.
Lifting Treatment Facial ~ 60 minutes. $95

This is a wonderful facial that will leave your skin tight and smooth. Our special mask will give you a cool, rehydrated feeling. This treatment is great for special occasions.
Elastin Facial Treatment ~ 60 minutes. $90

This treatment helps prevent premature slacking by supplying skin with necessary elements needed for a firmer and tighter look.
Collagen Facial Treatment ~ 60 minutes. $90

An intense concentrate that helps prevent the skin's deterioration and appearance of lines. $90 Neck & Decollete Treatment ~ 60 minutes. - This treatment is ideal for anyone concerned with the neck and surrounding area. It helps to smooth crepeness and tighten the skin. 
Back Facial ~ 60 minutes. $85

A "facial" for the back, this wonderful treatment includes exfoliation, an aromatic steam, deep pore cleansing and a pore refining mask, all followed by a light massage and a veil of moisturizer. It is a great treatment for problematic acne on the back or just to rejuvenate the skin for a special occasion.
Gentlemen's Grooming Facial ~ 60 minutes. $80

A complete fitness facial for men's skin. A deep cleansing is performed to exfoliate and prepare the skin for an application of high-tech ingredients to prevent or relieve razor burn and sensitivity.
Deep Cleaning Facial w/30 Min. Massage ~ 90 minutes. $110

Facial Plus Massage
Advanced Resurfacing Stem Cell F ~ 60 minutes. $99

Incorporate the power of nature's own stem cells and peptides to rejuvenate, revive and protect the skin. This advanced facial will re-energize your own skin cells, increase hydration, reduce wrinkles, firm and lift the skin. Benefits: After just one treatment, skin feels smoother, looks brighter and is energized. Wrinkles and lines are less visible.
Skin Tag Removal~ 40 minutes. $40
Neck to Decolleto Treatment ~ 30 minutes. $45
ECHO2 plus Oxygen Facial~ 60 minutes. $125


...not all oxygen facials are equal; do not get fooled by a mask with peroxide in it! Get the real thing: medical grade oxygen from the tank!
Prep your skin for summer sun with our famous ECHO2 Oxygen Skin Care Treatment. It utilizes a unique four-step process which cleanses, nourishes and revitalizes every treated skin cell through its revolutionary use of medical grade pure oxygen. This world-patented treatment system uses custom combinations of 87 different nutrients: vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids along with oxygen to protect and strengthen collagen and elastin fibers. The treatment leaves the skin healthy, rejuvenated and beautiful. The treatment delivers pure oxygen deep into the dermis, creating a healthy, refreshing glow. The ECHO2 oxygen Skin Care Treatment is the number one choice of treatment for brides and is suited for all ages and all skin types. Fabulous massage, steam, extractions and/or sonic cleansing included.
Teen Facial ~ 55 minutes. $65

Treats, cleans and heals blemishes; soothes the skin.
Ultrasound Anti-Aging Facial ~ 55 minutes. $95

Designed to treat every skin issue. Ultrasound therapy deep-cleans, exfoliates, resurfaces, heals blemishes, hydrates, smoothes fine lines, scars and reverses pigmentation.
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