Chemical Peels
TCA Peel ~ 30 minutes. $95

A peel designed to improve overall skin texture and tone; also excellent for photo damaged skin and comedonal acne & evens coloring and lightens pigmentation.
Lacto Peel A Natural Peel Derive ~ 30 minutes. $85

This natural exfoliating treatment is perfect for acne or sensitive skin types. L+ Lactic Acid is the best form of natural lactic acid offering many unique properties: it exfoliates by dissolving surface dead cells and provides your skin a total renewing effect, while moisturizing and regulating PH balance. Your skin surfaces with a smoother skin texture, minimized wrinkles and lightened hyperpigmentation. Recommended for all skin types including acneic and skin with slightly sensitive tendencies. Especially recommended for hyperpigmentation and/or dehydrated skin. Not recommended for true sensitive skin.
Pumpkin Peel ~ 30 minutes. $85

An advanced exfoliation treatment, removes dead skin cells, induces cellular turnover, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, improves elasticity, reduces hyperpigmented sun damage, unclogs congested pores, antibacterial germicidal effects, promotes healing of acne, slows aging process, excellent for age management. Improves skin hydration and support barrier function of the skin.
Modified Jessners Peel ~ 30 minutes. $95

A peel designed specifically for acneic skin conditions and the regeneration of new skin conditions and the regeneration of new skin and smoothes rough texture.
Glycolic Peel ~ 30 minutes. $95
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