Body Treatments
Detox Body Wrap ~ 60 minutes. $95

Detoxing is the fastest way to get the environmental garbage out of your body. Our toxin cleansing herbs through the protein wall that surrounds fat cells so the herbs can move toxins from fat cells through inter-cellular osmosis, to the inner lymph system.
Slimming Body Wrap ~ 60 minutes. $95

Traditional mummy style body wrap using special aloe vera and herbs solution. You can lose 4 to 15 inches with each wrap. This cocooning wrap treatment benefits hydration, relaxation, skin toning, detoxification and/or heat therapy for fibromyalgia or joint discomfort.
Aromatherapy Salt Glow ~ 45 minutes. $60

Bring back your skin's radiant glow as this exfoliating sea salt rich in ylang, tangerine and lavender leaves your skin silky, smooth and mineralized.
Aromatherapy Body Wrap ~ 60 minutes. $70

Breathe in tranquility while your body relaxes and stress slips away, just as if you were basking in a flower filled mountain meadow. Natural herbal essential oils are applied in a warm aromatic treatment, chosen to stimulate your body's own ability to release stress and restore peace and well being to body, mind and spirit.
Moor Mud Body Wrap ~ 60 minutes. $80

This muscle releasing treatment begins with a deep exfoliation cleansing treatment which utilizes aromatherapy salts. Warm aromatic moor mud is then applied to your entire body, relaxing sore muscles, stimulating circulation and relieving stress. This is an excellent treatment to ease pain from rheumatism and arthritis.
Green Coffee Body Wrap ~ 50 minutes. $85

Slim, tone, and detoxify your body with Pevonia's revolutionary Green coffee slimming treatment. This treatment contains natural enzymes to assist the body in the breakdown of fat and increase urinary output to eliminate the spongy appearance your skin may display.
Seaweed Body Wrap ~ 60 minutes. $80

This therapeutic seaweed wrap will firm, hydrate and remineralize dry, damaged skin. Your treatment will begin with a gentle exfoliation, followed by the application of warm seaweed. Finally, you will be wrapped in thermal blankets to release stress and toxins from the entire body.
Spray Tanning ~ 10 minutes. $30

Full Body Spray Tan
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